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Marc Lee

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"Be the first to know - watch" « TV» shows you the latest world news about the subjects you choose. By putting in keywords with a special remote control or by SMS you can determine which subjects will be shown on television and you will be presented with news fit to your specifications. Additionally, in a second step your TV program can be narrowed down and focused on your own main areas of interest. The content of the broadcast is searched in real-time on the internet and is seamlessly transitioned by the software.

« TV» is highly unusual in that it offers broadcasts compiled solely by computer algorithms without human intervention.

The information about a subject found on the rich archives of the Internet vary in perspectives and editorial approaches. It may lead to some occasionally unusual and contradictory statements. It is exactly this variety that makes TV a valuable source of information on the issues you have chosen and tries to satisfy the wants and needs of the TV viewer even better than before.