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Karaoke me

Karaoke-me sought to explore the role context plays in affecting the meanings produced via our interactions with technology. The work used the form of an on-line diary/questionnaire through which audiences contributed to the final work. There were three different diary/questionnaires based on three pop songs, which I really liked when I was a teenager. The use of these historic cultural references was deliberate, my aim to include memory as a factor affecting the meaning contained in the work.

Once an audience member selected a pop song to work with, they were asked to complete the diary/questionnaire relating to that song. On completion, diary/questionnaire data is sent to the karaoke-me server. The server combines the data with the original lyrics of the song and then mixed in the backing track. The audience member is notified by email that their diary song is ready. The audience members' song, based on their diary answers, is performed online by a 3D avatar based on the artist, Kevin Carter.