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IP Poetry Project

The IP Poetry project involves the development of a software and hardware system that uses text from the Internet to generate poetry that is then recited in real time by automatons connected to the web.

The different search instructions (for example, all those phrases beginning with the words "dream that I am") and the recital mode and sequence (one robot at a time per search result, dual recitals, etc.) will dictate the structure and form of each IP poem.

The IP Poetry project studies the role of poetry and of poets themselves. On the one hand, as far as the construction of the robots is concerned, it highlights the increasing subjectivity of technology, which is endowed with certain artificially enhanced human characteristics (in this case, memory, and the ability to speak and listen). On the other hand, as concerns the resulting poetic structures, it uses the virtual arrangement of the collective human memory found on the Internet to compose poetry that has both mechanical and random elements.