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Inside Klein's Doughnuts I remembered a new bottle.

This is a conceptual work that uses a 3-D model of a Klein bottle as an image generator. A Klein bottle is a geometric object that has inside and out, but consists of a single surface. Construction of the Klein bottle is usually described as the process of deforming an ordinary bottle by bending the neck around, putting it through the side and connecting it to an opening in the bottom. The Klein bottle is essentially a 3-D representation of a 4-d object. In building the model for this project I discovered a very simple, elegant and apparently new construction of a Klein bottle from two tori. Once I had created the model I animated a voyage into and through it. From this animation I extracted 12 frames which I combined with text to create the conceptual piece which will be reproduced as a series of limited edition archival quality prints. This work is part of a metaproject, Hyperobjects, which examines 3-D representations of 4-D objects.