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Induction House

Aether Induction House is an experimental architecture project consisting of three prototypes. Dealing with mediated spaces, existences and space interpretations. Focusing on transforming the primarily visual digital environment into a physical and tactile experience, finding an architectural and tectonic embodiment.

Here we are presenting three constructed architectural prototypes discussing the above questions; built metaphorical structures that bring together these design aspects. Hybrid constructions, architectural models, engineered structures, electronics and media design, all combined to create the experiments.

On the threshold of architecture, media design, engineering we try to talk about a new and different relationship between technology and design. The role and effect of technology reveals a more profound relation between design and design tools, and to quote Vilém Flusser here: we try to "turn the automatic apparatus against automation".

Prototyping architecture -Engineering media

To find these new qualities we rely on experiments and testing on a 1 to 1 scale. Even if building installations has physical limits in scale, the hybrid experience becomes real.

The physical structures have mathematical and computational inner logics, results of algorithmic processes based on our decisions; they are generated and processed forms. They have to function as physical structures as well as projected structures.

The projections become volumetric, the physical structures are dissolved in the flux of interactive media, and media become actual and spatial. New qualities emerge that do not come from the physical structure or from the media, these qualities are result of a symbiosis. The interaction we create is symbolic, it is not really trying to function or process information, but to transform the physical entity in a non physical way. While contemporary interaction design usually takes on a very generic form, object, and invents a very unique interaction, we go from the other end; we create structures and materiality that are unique with their hybrid logic of being a media space as well as an architectural structure, but in our case the interaction model is more generic.