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'iamanartwork/jesuisuneoeuvredart' a perl script for FRACLR, an official art institution in France. Am I an artwork? Yes, no, maybe, why? Because......... Visitors contributions are traced on ip number and used in the lay out. (perl)

A quick view of the reactions left on the site shows that the Performance, Lecture, Battle has been commissioned by the FRACLR in 2002. Till November 2007 the piece collected visitor reactions and traced them by IP to influence the colours of the page layout. This was a way to point to the fact that the visitor wasn't anonymous, something a lot of visitors weren't aware of in 2002.

More important, and still actual, the piece permitted to openly ask if a piece of "net art" could be "art" on the site of an official French art institution.

The 24th of September 2006 all the French entries of the piece wre read in public during a performance in the show called "Chauffe Marcel ! " organised by the same art institution.

Two microphones were placed about 10 meters one from another. One was used to amplify the "yes" phrases the other the "no" phrases.