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A promotional video clip online for a failed large scale microchip plant by Hyundai and Motorola at Scotland with the traditional Korean song Arirang.

The factory has been out of use since it was built in 2001.

Remixed in 2006 from the past project HALBEATH. This is an advertisement project for one empty factory at Halbeath Bathgate Scotland located between Glasgow and Edinburgh near Dunfermline.

South Korean Company Hyundai & LG started a project in there for the construction of microchip plant since 1996. The construction of the factory was delayed by the financial crisis in Asia in those days. The factory was re-started by U.S Company Motorola since 2000. But now the factory is closed again since they left in 2001.

We invited to play one old Korean folk song "Arilang" by Y0UNG-HAE CHANG HEAVY INDUSTRIES as our special tune from Seoul; also an alternative version with Scottish folk song "The False Bride" as a pre-event of new media city Seoul 2002 through Hexa Project to make a link again to this dead link site at Scotland.