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Gender Anarchy Project

The Gender Anarchy Project is a way to introduce people to the gender movement while using interactive technology to illustrate a specific scenario that people can identify with to begin to understand the complexities of gender identity and representation. The project is an interactive sign that hacks the sign on a bathroom door. It is a site-specific installation where the viewer sees the iconography morph from the familiar to the surreal as they approach the door. It is a design activism project that gives the viewer the experience that a transgendered person may find themselves in every day: unsure of which bathroom to use, because their body and mind are not represented by the iconography on the door.

The aim of the project is to bring to the forefront the tenets of the gender movement, and introduce the fact that these ideals apply to every one of us, because few people fit neatly into stereotypical or oversimplified categories. It also draws on the activist tradition of hacking public space, and introduces the idea of creating interactive signage for the purposes of activism.

It uses a proximity sensor and custom software for image processing.