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fuorange is a collaboration between Kate Southworth, Patrick Simons and Christina McPhee. fuorange comes from 'fuckyou orange' - construction workers' lingo for the orange mesh around forbidden zones, like manholes and tresspass lines. fuorange is a short circuit past the fuck you, don_t go there, into a matrixial spacewalk via sound curves and cascades of text. fuorange records the derive of a real world walk, captured and meshed within the artifice of the net.

Audio and digital photography were recorded on location in Cornwall, July 2004.

Sound processing and generative music design are by Patrick Simons from location/voice recordings. Photography and html edit is by Christina McPhee. Progressive movies created by Kate Southworth.

A coproduction of Glorious Ninth and naxsmash group. Produced with fellowship support from the Interactive Art & Design Research Cluster at Falmouth College of Arts, Falmouth, Cornwall 2004.