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Four Flashes of Life

Four Flashes of Life http://www.lakris.nu/lgw/Flashes/menu.swf The work is attempting to render a few essential "principles of life" in distilled form. The animations, made in Flash 4 stores a few archetypal images or movements - minimal, yet expressive. The four flashes are also available as screensavers (windows only). Four Flashes of Life is an internet version of a more comprehensive work monitored in hard space exhibition. Screensavers : Flash no 1 (http://www.lakris.nu/lgw/fig1.zip) Flash no 2 (http://www.lakris.nu/lgw/fig2.zip) Flash no 3 (http://www.lakris.nu/lgw/fig3.zip) Flash no 4 (http://www.lakris.nu/lgw/fig4.zip) (zipfiles about 500 kB)