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My working practice is based on a strong interest in popular western culture, in particular the language and semiotics of television and computer culture, which heavily inform my work and are used with a blend of misplaced optimism, Viz humor, and Baudrillardian contempt. I am also extremely interested in the relationship between man and urban environment, in particular how this breeds a nostalgia for the natural, our disengagement from history, and a uncomfortable apathy about both. The books of R.D Laing on the idiosyncrasies of modern society, and the novels of Orwell, Huxley and Sartre have all influenced the work I make.

This interest in the language of television and computing is not only the impetus for making art, providing the drive to do something creative, but also forms the medium for much of my artwork. I love the quality of the electric image, and find the contrast between their luminocity and the beige boxes that generate them extremely interesting. <p> I use computer equipment and imagery as source, but I try to reposition and recontextualise the information we receive through these devices, through alternative methods of collection and presentation. The internet search engine Google, in particular its image-search feature, here becomes an important tool in gathering imagery, as it already begins the process of removing images from their context. This process allows us to view masses of images in a pseudo-objective way which allows for patterns to form, which allows for instant recognition of existing trends and prejudices. <p> While using computer imagery, I remain very conscious of the physical nature of our information devices, and take great pleasure in the ability to play with them in a very physical way. I feel this essentially simplistic approach to working with a 'high tech' medium is necessary to allow the creation of work which can deal with deeper issues than the superficial technological treats which much 'New Media Art' provides us with.