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Fine art of Rennes: transverse workshop "community / exchanges / transmission on the Net" year 2000/2001. In this workshop, the faces followed one another...

"faces" is an interactive project which allows users to construct a face by combining three different images into a photographic composite. The variation in types of faces that are shown is completely arbitrary; they can appear in a linear fashion or at random. As the user scrolls through the various photographic options, the words which comprise the captions are changed. As a result, the appearance or erasure of different facial components sometimes leads to the generation of incomprehensible captions. This work is meant to be a play on the concept of the (collective) "Other," ultimately allowing the user (or "artist") to generate their ideal subject from the discrete elements of different individuals.

ideal: model designed by the artist.

the artist his faces...

faces / des visages

thanks to: Thibaut Deschamps, Arnaud Perennes, Elisa Berry, Aurélien Heraud, Jean-Marie Gallien, Franck Barrel, Loïc Horellou, Helene Giansily, Nelly Kerfanto, Michel Belhomme...