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Document 9-1-1

1. 9-1-1 and the Shockwave of Trauma

9-1-1 was a psychological trauma-bomb, exploding the complacent sea of consumerism with a shock-wave of violent proportions. From this initial blast, giant rolling waves rippled into Western consciousness, spreading out like tsunami, upsetting every area of life, dredging from the dark waters the deepest of questions: Why? But no answer came: these ripples returned ten-fold, the outgoing ripples were met by a foreign sea...forming a standing wave that threatened to obliterate all in its towering might.

The waves returned and they triggered anger, fear, and paranoia at the heart of the West. A blackhole filled the great beating heart of America and on its horizon flew the great Western unknown: the Middle East, the Terrorist, the nomad, hiding in caves and under tunnels, burrowed deep, both in the landscape of Afghanistan and the collective Western psyche.

If one were to set up a covert psychological operation to monitor and assess the psychological phenomenon of 9-1-1, one may end up considering the following dialogue:

Whose side are you on?