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Dipylon 2.0

The computer program downloads search words that people have been using when searching the Internet for topics related to war.

First the words are collected and then a web-program will search for pictures tagged with these words. The words are downloaded to a database and then the program randomly picks three words and searches for pictures that finally become a pattern for a box. The box can then be folded as a box that you may find in i.e. supermarkets.

The box is a modern digital version of the vase called Dipylon that was traditionally covered with patterns from narratives, of life in the ancient Greek 760-750 BCE. The pattern often showed warriors, chariots, battle scenes and burial scenes.

The computer searches the Internet and finds keywords and pictures related to war . The computer then makes a pattern for a box, a modern version of the Dipylon vase. The information updates and repeats itself with content as a mantra with pictures related to war...

The work in itself is a comment on our life where massive amounts of data, information and pictures surround us and how information is updated over and over again and changing all the time. Its also comments on our wars that keep going on and on the fact that we still make images of these wars.