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The best online resource to learn about Mexican border dentistry practice. Get a directory of dentists on the border, listen and download the hot new corrido - 'Corrido al Dentista' and most importantly gather tips on how to be a savvy medical tourist in Mexico.

El Progresso, Ojinaga, Juarez, Nogales, Mexicali, Tijuana, are all Mexican towns or cities that sit on the edge of the United States. These are border sites that have established a direct simbiotic relationship with the U.S. economy by providing a variety of services to U.S. citizenry and attracting U.S. dollars. One may easily imagine the multitude of bars, food establishments and the sale of cheap goods that can be found along many borders, but firmly embedded within the entertainment and consumer economy is a hi-tech, knowledge intensive medical service that subsidizes the United State's health care system. Dentist clinics are as prominent as three for a dollar tacos, margarita specials and Mexican panchos.