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CuteXdoom separates itself from the plethora of aggressive fighting, high-paced action games and geek-fantasy adventures that flood the big business of video games: it plays within familiar gaming conventions while commenting on our existence within a global, networked, and information-based culture of rapid exchange, consumerism and technological development. The game CuteXdoom explores contemporary cultures fascination with mass-produced and mass-marketed material objects, specifically the kawaii and otaku cultures that preoccupy Japan.

In the first level, players of CuteXdoom scramble through the landscape to collect the plush and high-tech toys needed to make an offering to the toy worshipping Cutexdoom Cult. The supermodern religious cult that believes the possession and worship of cute material objects will ultimately lead to happiness.

Players need to accumulate toys, such as a vintage video game console, a dollhouse, a wide-eyed bunny, a stuffed ghost and a sushi-cat Along the way in the Unreal forest they encounter disorienting checkerboard floors, promotional Yumi-Co billboards, static-filled television sets and stadium-style monitors that boast slogans of peace and freedom in broken English. Once the player has amassed all 10 toys entrance can be gained to the exclusive Cutexdoom temple. Inside a robotic panda-guru awaits with a personalised message- an engrish mantra and light simulation. This is a sign they have completed the first level in the game series, CuteXdoom.