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cumbernauld town for tomorrow

Cumbernauld: Town for Tomorrow

... is a collaboration between artists Gair Dunlop and Dan Norton. an exploration of architectural space: the utopian tendencies of Megastructural architecture in the town of Cumbernauld near Glasgow parallel excitements and experiential possibilities suggested by online architectures.

... re-injects a sense of play and optimism into the entropic structures of an abandoned future.

... features interviews with architects planners residents and the town artist to create a dialogue about place and meaning.

...has been at the centre of the Scottish exhibit at the Rotterdam Architectural Biennial.

... will be projected on and in the actual town centre in autumn and winter 2003/4. Bring thermal underwear...

... is the second collaboration between the artists. The first, "Console," is an installation piece with interactive projections which examines the transformation of the Control Room form Cold War to laptop, analogue switches to fuzzy logic. An online version can be reached at