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Given two volumes v[i] and v[j] belonging to v[] and excluding to each other.

crc/cw is a device that consist of in a physical installation and document published in the internet, introduced as a prototype of possible artwork, from the local context to a global expansion one or, more specifficaly, as a neighborhood one.

crc/cw is an artwork proposal based and conditioned by an investigation about the procedures that would give it specificity to the relationship between art and digital technologies, inscribed under the protection of the question by the pertinence of the progressive insertion of technology in the context of the local production, peripherical to the global centers of technological development.

crc/cw is a technological bounding object consisting of 4 units:

-an input unit: 8 infrared movement sensors distributed in v[i] which ones we obtains a representation of one byte corresponding to the circulation of the exhibition space.

-a process unit: a digitalization device and a data representation device, consisting of a system of autonomous temporal, graphics and sound cycles/pattern, that undergoes alterations in their diplay deppending on the excitability/irritability of the system.

-an audiovisual output/display unit: located in v[j] is a non-instantiable device of spatialization/representation that works as an spatial proyection of v[i] in v[j].

-a registry unit: as crc/cw only make registries in RAM, it will be only had the access to its own diagram like registry.

crc/cw operates like a feedback control system (as a circuit or servomechanism), that is, as an enclosed retroaction system that keeps a relative stability in view of external or internal disturbances.

crc/cw is then conceived as an implicitly virtual prototype -meanwhile it exists in its own diagram-, and which develope stars from the articulation of elements and precarious operations respect to the paradigm defined by the use of new technologies, being presented as an speculation process about the noise/takeOff produced by the feedback of physical systems and digital systems, as a possible field for sense construction.