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counter street art

> Is counter street inspired by Velvet strike, where artistes put anti-war sprays on the wall?

when i spray on a wall i don't take care of 11 semptember, so no, it is not inspired by Velvet strike :)

I have tried to add counter street to the rhizome art base and the coordinator asked me the same : how do you distinguish it from Velvet Strike?

my work is not about activism and new world order, it is about plain life online.

> Are you a street artist? a player? May you introduce yourself?

i am just a long time player with artistic attitude

> What is the idea of the counter street project?

Curt Cloninger wrote some years ago : "I have a life, a real life, and part of it is online"

nothing different, the idea is not new.

> So when you play counter strike, you are putting those sprays on the walls?

when i play counter strike first of all I try to kill and not be killed. To plant a bomb or defuse it. Then when I have time I look for a good place to spray, and done it I start to make a lot of screenshots. I love to make photographs. I feel like a photoreporter from conflict zones, risking my own life trying to make a damn good shot. It is not simple to take a photo while a bunch of cops is trying to headshot you.

> what are your favorites places in the game?

where action takes place. blood gives a dramatic touch to snapshots.

but sometimes i like to join an empty server just to be alone, walk around and enjoy the landscape. I love cs_italy and the new cs_tide. So beautiful maps.

> Do you think than virtual game environnment can be considered as a public space?

if you are not a player you can consider or not the game environment as public space, if you are a player you know it

is a public space :)

> woudl you then compare your role in the game (putting images on the walls without being shooted) with the game between street artists and police?

yes you can compare, and you make me happy if you do. but it is not my goal.

> Are you using the sprays of Miss Van, banksy, blek le rat with their agreement? what do they think of?

agreement? I want to belive they don't care of old fashioned copyright laws :) in a creative commons sense i'm acting as a good guy : I use their work, I link to them and let other people to do the same with 'my' cs sprays.

> would you like other graffiti artist to join?

yes yes yes