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ColorMetrics are space drawn graphic waves. It is the result from different random movements of the camera. These ColorMetrics are much stronger in shape with a deeper sense of dimension too. It resembles a scale like progression of colors in space: like graphic equalizers, bold color bars, or lights from a LCD.

The strong blinking lights came out of the top of a skyscraper and evolved into several lines of different colors and shapes - like metrics projected into the space. It is an allegory to a light event that happened somewhere between the countdown of 62 to 68. The lights reenact their own paths struggling to encompass the movements of the camera. The ColorMetrics depend much on the relation of the time and the shutter of the digital camera: their progression and length are events of Light and Color in a given space/frame. It is an allegory to existence and desire.

ColorMetrics are high resolution photographs developed and enhanced by image software.