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Colorful life

Body and duration in digital art are less important than fine art. In fine art, artists used their bodies to create their works in a specific time duration, such as paintings, sculpture or performance art. Digital artists aim to applied machines to produce their works and play the works in a time-specific duration. I tried to bridge the gap via converting the body as a cyborg and move between Wi-Fi networks to perform the concept of moving in the cyberspace and record the movement via my electronic devices to create the visualising Wi-Fi networks as the painters painted what they saw. The different mediums between fine art and digital art should not become the barrier between them, and the combination could help artists to explore the world deeply and widely.

  1. Goal:This project is to present the wifi trait---"Connected but not related".
  2. Participant: This project is a public art project and welcome everyone who can go on line through wifi join this project.