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I've started CityLights nearly two years ago. It mostly deals with random night shots that are meant to be worked on the computer in order to reenact its original meaning/shape. CityLights has been gradually evolving from a basic folder into the latest set (which comprises more than 600 High Resolution Digital Photos). The traces of Light and its colors make the central composition of the whole work. As in the music of Brian Eno (Ambient Music) CityLights also aims to create new Landscapes to be interacted by everyone's impressions. CityLights is a fully High Resolution Digital Wall Art and Design work which can be applied in many different Art & Design Projects. The much Design effect of these pictures, enables this work to have wider possibilities to be worked with. It also surpasses the idea of random shots as it reveals a new dimension in light's shapes and colors. Initially I thought of it to be printed on large formats and to display it in public places (stations, large rooms, big white walls, Interior Design Projects, etc.). I use a NIKON digital camera, and I work the pictures on my laptop in order to achieve different results: its original content is no longer traceable - therefore not important, and what it becomes is much depending on everyone's idea of it. When I take those random shots I just think about the exquisite effects of light and colors, and all the ways of creating new atmospheres. I keep adding regularly work to the main folder (it is no longer a single event) and it became a much bigger and concise work.