Year created:

2001 v. 1.07

Dear Consumer,

If you too have given up on the MODERN WORLD:

the gangs, crime, diseases, mosquitoes, elderly people who ride buses all day long, unsafe drivers on cellular phones, drug-fiends, rapists, cholesterol, complicated banking problems, traffic, noise, ozone-depletion and tacky white-gravel driveways,

please try this brand-new alternative:, THE MALL OF THE FUTURE!

Climate-controlled, clean, friendly, and guaranteed to normalize any aberrant behavior through constant surveillence and healthy consumerism!

_________________________________________ takes place in a mall.

It is a darkly satirical piece which takes aim at current consumer culture and the old utopian claims of the Internet, and describes a world in which corporations have become our governing bodies, and shopping malls our nation-states. I could tell you more of what you're in for, but I think perhaps you should find out yourself.

Or better yet, go outside and get some sunshine.

You are looking a little pale.