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Damon Hamm creates objects that attribute their lineage to elements from history, culture, and industry. Influenced by such debunked sciences as phrenology, these pieces are reflections of our interactions with our bodies and machines. Machines acting as extensions of hands and minds; their elegance is an expression of the beauty of the human body. Damon Hamm's interests involve the interwoven histories of art and science, including scientific methods of discovery and experimentation.

Since early in his career, Damon has been interested in creating works of art that are interactive, evolving viewers into participants. Incorporating audio / visual, electronic, mechanical, and bio / medical elements, Damon's sculptures include participatory elements that range from audio to the physically tactile to infrared motion sensors. His new work incorporates custom electronics and embedded processors, experimenting with the creation of 'natural systems' and the perception of intelligence as a consequence of anthropomorphism. Damon's main goal as an artist is to explore new methods of interaction by challenging his own technical boundaries and investigating new avenues of expression through the experiences of participating viewers.