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According to Deleuze, the revolutionary aspect of the simulacrum is to introduce a break in the ontological and classical distinctions between essence and appearance, original and copy, true and false, the natural and the artificial. At BIOevents, organic shapes remain in a latent state within the webspace until they are carried by an interactor intervention, which puts them in action, transforming them into a poetic-visual image, which exists like a dynamic entity in constant metamorphosis. Emerging from manipulation, their beauty is a result of their morphogenesis, a process by which the viewer becomes a co-creator. The prefix "BIO," which means life, is the main subject of this project. Scripts were developed around this concept in order to simulate life. Organisms react in a real-time enviroment; and the main catalyst, which is brought about by the user's movements of the mouse (represented as a cursor on screen), is the result of this virtual participation. Different living beings each have their own unique characteristics; even an external factor modifies some of them. For example, the flow of time, which constantly changes their color through the day making a kind of mixed reality between the web and physical space and highlight a virtual reality illusion on the viewers, explore the boundaries between the natural and the artificial. C