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Artists are often asked to attach a "bio" - a biography - to our exhibit and media packages, slide submissions, & so forth (including this submission to ArtBase). When I decided to rebuild my Art for Humans website in the fall of 2006 (with the help of Rhizome member Curtis Stage), I conceived of the Bio section of the site not as a dry narrative (tho there is one introducing the work), but as a 4D rhizome-like, vital bio-structure. My premise: the "me" I thought I was never even existed.

The AFH bio is an ongoing exploration of experience, memory, autobiographical definitions, movement, time sequences, links, personal/artistic vision and the facts & mysteries of spirit-in-body-in-a-series-of-moments-&-places, of love & mortality. I'm using repeated patterns (moving and still, thought as weavings, referring to the tartan and celtic knot) as backdrops for very personal details of my life, which are not made confessional by additional textual elements. Collaborations with accomplished musos establish an aural context for the visuals in the Bio. The individual works include video, audio, HTML, Flash, animated gif, and still components. I intend to stop the project at 1000 pages. At this writing (December 25, 2006), I've published 100+.