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Bio-tracking is a mobile phone based exhibition using GPS (Global Positioning System) and a leading edge new smart phone software (suitable for Nokia Series 60) called Socialight downloadable via enabling the placement of virtual sticky notes around various locations in Brighton, UK as part of Brighton Photo Biennial Fringe. Download the software and wander around the sites and you'll receive text messages, sound files and images straight to you phones.

Anna Dumitriu has sampled and cultured various locations for normal flora bacteria and moulds, revealing this incredible, unseen and sublime world to us through a series of beautifully enhanced digital micrographs. Ollie Glass, Luciana Haill, Ian Helliwell and Juliet Kac have created a series of sound works to accompany the images. Microbiologist John Paul has written scientific text descriptions of the microbes.

The images create a kind of dialectic, bringing together the pure emotion of the sound responses and the analytical texts. Philosopher's such as Schopenhauer have written much on music's ability to capture and express emotion " as an immediate objectification and copy of the whole will as the world itself".

By bringing in the use of GPS in the initial creation of the work, mapping the locations where the microbiological swabs were taken, the work draws together the microscopic and the macroscopic, drawing a thread between the satellites orbiting the earth and the bacteria at our feet.