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August got on my mind when I googled for Konart. Have you ever googled your name? Yes, you have. Geographically, most of my returns were located in so called disputed territories. One was in the Carpathian Mountains. The other one was further North. My wife is from there and she is a Kashebe. There are also some Konarts in Western Canada and Argentina. Whoever they are, my favourite "ancestor" is August. He was a baker's apprentice. He lived in Warsaw, Poland, at 1427 Zielna Street, in the mid 18 hundreds. I used to live in the same part of town, right across from the graveyards. We were collecting black elder fruits where the Evangelical, Jewish and Catholic cemeteries joined their edges. The black elder harvests lead to marriage. Recently, it came to me that there were no pictures from the wedding. My mother is still working on our family photo album. Last summer I went to a place she found out about through old documents. It was impossible to read the names on the old tombstones. There were some black elder bushes across the road from the cementary. The fruits needed about two weeks to ripen. The next day, I came back to Toronto. Now it is November, 2008.