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Antediluvian Fragments of Memories

Antediluvian fragments of Memories, is an interactive flash piece about the different elements that can be found in a memory.

The interface has eleven elements, through interaction with the squares; different sections of the piece unfold. There are three main parts to this piece reflecting the three different forms of memory: sensory, temporal and

lasting memory. The first is the is nine elements of memory, each take on the form of an image, a talisman and poetry describing the element, such as the poetry about amnesia, a blurred image with a prying eyes

talisman, you cannot question the memory that cannot remember. The second part when activated talismans circle around, a metaphor for that memory is synonymous with time, one cannot be without the other. The third is a representation that a memory is like a cobweb, formulated

through connections of people, place and history.

A memory is something that is ill-defined, sometimes fabricated. Extracting certain things from images abstracts the true picture, if things can be extracted they can be added and so the fabrication of our memories evolve.