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Animal Locomotion

Using Muybridge and Thomas Eakins as a point of departure, Myron Turner explores animal and human locomotion, reimaging digitized and photographed subjects into drawings that then can be seen in many states and statges of movement and disintegration. I've made a series of works since 1991 which use computers and photo- based forms to explore questions of biography and the contexts which create identity: Two Women (1991-93) Autobiography (1995-96) Sea-Changes (1997) "Animal Locomotion" is concerned with identity in a more essentialist manner--not with biography but with what transcends particular biographical facts, the essential ground on which the particular self is built. I guess this is an extension of and move beyond "Sea-Changes," where the concern is with a shared identity. If I am concerned with the psychic ground of identity, I am also engaged by its opposite, the incorporation of the individual ground of identity and subjectivity into an impersonal and objectifying cosmos. Animal Locomotion builds on the tensions and paradoxes inherent in this polarity.