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Mitch Trale

Analog Environments

My eventual techno-transcendence is all that keeps me going. Idle, detached, just looking into the void as it not only stares back at me but beyond me. My familiarity with the object, cyber-spatiality, is a familiarity with a world I become lost in. The one catches up with the several and chills - a pure beholding, a nihilistic pleasure. The hallucinatory search through the scraps and opacities results in a distance from themselves. An approximation had been made, but 'near' and 'far' have been defeated by 'here.' Reality hackers stumble over their own tangled wires. The spectacle of the many, this web, is spontaneously experienced as 'here' while the spectacles on my face remain nothing more than nearby." Caitlin Denny "You are presented with an object of strength and you are suddenly falling amongst others. Your solitude has been disrupted and structure is no longer 'yours.' But you've always been falling you realize, only now you can feel the wind. A bush rustles; it's your coping. Practical activity stays so, it is absorbed by the object until you reflect on it. I can no longer tell myself apart from others.