Year created:

2002 is a flash website project that uses the hypertext linking of interactive work to investigate a cryptography or hermeneutics of the the apple. Using an ever expanding series of associative links, the work looks for hidden meanings, coincidences and insights that all stem from the apple. The image of the apple leads to references and ideas borrowing from Western Metaphysics, popular culture, the history of cryptography, ideas of language, and psychoanalysis.

The was constructed using the paradigm of collage. First paper collages were made that became the basis for photoshop images. And then, in collaboration with flash animators Rob Whynot, Randy Knott, and Ron Gervais, animated and interactive pages were made. The installation portion of the exhibition includes a large map of the project, 14 of the orginal collage drawings and 14 photoshop images. A catalogue and CD-ROM are also available.