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A Prayer For Clean Water

"A Prayer For Clean Water"

Collaboration with Greg Thornton for Art For Humans

Exhibited November 2005 at St. Edward's University Fine Arts Gallery, Austin, TX

A component of "A Prayer For Clean Water (Parts I-III)"

Presented in an interactive format utilizing a standalone kiosk.

Concept by Paul McLean

Designed & executed by Greg Thornton

Assistance by Shane Kennedy and Dan McCoy

Summary: This is the "free art" element for my 2005 exhibits at St. Edward's University. I approached Greg & invited him to create an interface for exhibit attendees to pray for clean water, an action meant to encourage them to think collectively about preserving and protecting the very limited planetary resources of potable H20. Each typed prayer adds to an evolutionary graphic, representing the compiled measure of contributions. The typer/pray-er's submission yields a unique "snapshot" of the total prayer as it exists at the moment the prayer is submitted. This is an ongoing project.

Instructional Text from the web interface:

Enter a prayer for clean water here. Your words will be transmuted into an element of a digital image. As more people add prayers, the image will grow into something beautiful which you can see after you click pray. Add your email address if you would like a link to the final prayer image sent to you after the show.