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9/11 - The Triple Method

"9.11 - The Triple Method"

net based art work consisting of three individual art works created by media artist Agricola de Cologne.

9.11. represents not only some odd numbers of a sequence but got its actual meaning through the terrorist attack which occurred 2001 in USA on 9.11. = 11 September, and it is declared as 'International Day of Peace' since many years.

Related to dates in general, 9.11. means in wide parts of Europe however = 9 November. 9 November became in Germany a symbol for the beginning of Holocaust, the so-called Night of Broken Glass. Most Jewish synagogues in Germany had been burned down and destroyed in one single night in an action of state terror. But 9 November is in Germany also the Memorial day for the Fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989 and the later re-unification of Germany, and in this way the liberation from another state terrorism (Communist regime).

Drawing the circle closer, 9.11. has become a very special meaning for the artist himself. On Friday 11 September 1998, a terrorist attack of right wing terrorists destroyed an essential part of his art working installed in a former Synagogue in South Western Germany. It had dramatic consequences on his physical and psychological existence, and changed the course of his life completely.

As a resume, one may state that 9.11. seems to be a magic date connected to terrorism through the times.

The work is developed according the principle of SAMAC

(Simultaneous Associative Media Art Composing) which describes Agricola's individual way of experimental electronic writing: words, sound, images, animation, music and voice performance are developed simultaneously -depending on each other - in one long single process.

Voice, music, sound, words performed by Agricola de Cologne.

The movie is developed in Flash, produced, edited and directed by Agricola de Cologne.