Call for Artists:

Call for Art - Articulture Biennial Arts Festival 2015

POSTED BY: articulture2015 | Thu Jul 10th, 2014 3:15 p.m.
LOCATION: Delaware County Community College

2015 Articulture Biennial Arts Festival at Delaware County Community College
Open Call for Artist Submissions
On Multiculturalism and the Digital Age (not yet titled)
March – April 2015

This exhibition hopes to offer a wide range of perspectives on the nature and fate of 'multiculturalism' in the age of digital media. We aspire to feature work by artists for whom technology has become a profound aesthetic or conceptual tool. Artworks may address some of the new tensions and issues arising from globalized mass media: biases in the media, the future of international labor and the digital age, and notions of surveillance, censorship or anonymity. Conversely, might new media or technological literacy play a positive role in inciting activism and awareness, finding common ground or empowering users to participate in global communities?

Please submit a CV/bio, Artist Statement (1 page max) and 3-5 images to