Call for Participation:

12-12-12 Call for Voices

POSTED BY: ibax | Mon Oct 8th, 2012 12:28 p.m.
LOCATION: Bank Street Arts

I've been comissioned to make an installation piece for Bank Street Arts' winter exhibition 12-12-12. The idea for the exhibition arises from fact that the twelfth of December this year will be the last occurrence of the day, month and year being the same this millennium.

For my piece I'm aiming to assemble a set of samples of people speaking the phrase 12-12-12 (that's "twelve twelve twelve") in their normal voice, as fast or slow as is comfortable and hopefully in a range of different languages, so if you are a non-English speaker I'd be particularly thrilled to get your contribution.
These sounds will form the basis of a time-stretched choir - with the longest stretches occurring over a twelve hour time frame.

You can send files via my soundcloud dropbox

or email links to dropbox, yousendit etc to

Any questions about the work to that email too.


Bank Street Arts
Bank Street
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