Grants for doctorate and post-doctorate programme at the I-Node of the Planetary Collegium

POSTED BY: Claudia Jacques | Thu Aug 30th, 2012 9:52 a.m.
LOCATION: I-Node at the Planetary Collegium

The I-Node of the Planetary Collegium is announcing four (4) grants for promising researchers, to undertake doctoral and post-doctoral study (two for doctorate and two for post-doctorate programme).

Successful applicants will be awarded 1.500 € for doctorate studies (500 € each year for 3 years) and 500 € for post-doctorate studies.

Eligibility Criteria:
The grants are open to applicants from one of the following regions:
Balkan, Eurasia, Near & Middle East, and North Africa.

Specifically the programme includes the following countries:
Balkan region: Greece, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia, Croatia, FYROM
Eurasia region: Russia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia
Near & Middle East: Turkey, Lebanon, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, U.A.E.
North Africa: Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia and Malta.

Send a letter of interest to in order to receive all required info.

Deadline for submitting applications: September 10, 2012

Successful applicants will be enrolled for 2012-2013 Academic Year.