Call for Submissions:

ITCH online journal seeks Writing, Visual, Sound Art, Multimedia

POSTED BY: Hein Bekker | Sun Dec 7th, 2008 3:11 a.m.

Itch Online invites creative work in any medium for its third online issue. The theme is:


What's a dollar worth in your country? American economic imperialism? Money, money, money - does it make the world go round? Root of all evil? What could the coins in your purse buy? $hopping - is an ethical version possible? Credit crunch and credit crash… Banking - should we let it burn? Is that a $nake pinned down by a $take? How many currencies does it take to get your cash to float? Poverty and prosperity - what's the difference? Free markets vs. free minds. Community currencies and alternative futures. Consumer culture: high streets, main streets, markets, malls. Buying (in) and selling (out). What would you do for a million? What wouldn't you do for one? How do you make your$? How do you $pend/$hare it?

Take up these provocations or define your own. Speak to the theme, or against it. Explore or ignore it. Whichever way, ITCH wants your work.

We accept artworks in the following media: visual (graphic, painting, sketches, etc), audio (music, spoken word, sound-art, etc), video (short films, animations, art videos, etc), text (non-fiction, fiction, poetry, essays, prose, etc).

See for guidelines on formats and more. Submit your work by 8 February 2009.