Technology and Humanity

POSTED BY: Simone Hutchinson | Mon Jul 14th, 2008 10:10 a.m.

Technology and Humanity

The following is a call for articles for a forthcoming themed issue of
eSharp, an established peer-reviewed journal publishing high-quality
research by postgraduate students. eSharp is pleased to support new
and early-career authors, and has actively encouraged emerging
academic talent since 2002.

The twelfth issue of eSharp will consider the cultural and personal
consequences of scientific and mechanistic innovation. We welcome
articles which examine and engage with the effects, influences or
application of technology in any area of the arts, humanities, social
sciences and education, and we encourage submissions from
postgraduate students at any stage of their research.

In keeping with the interdisciplinary nature of the journal the ideas
of technology, innovation and culture can be interpreted as broadly
as authors wish, and may consider, but are by no means limited to,
themes such as:

• cyberspace and identity
• politics, surveillance and privacy
• the history, art and literature of the industrial and digital revolutions
• digital media and technologies of exhibition
• new technologies and the law
• cybernetics, gender and the body
• the movable type revolution
• digital narratives and virtual worlds
• education and innovation
• dystopias, dyschronias and utopias
• forensic and corpus linguistics

Submissions must be based on original research and should be between
4,000 and 6,000 words in length. Please accompany your article with
an abstract of 200 to 250 words and a list of three to five keywords
to indicate the subject area of your article. For more information, a
full list of guidelines and our style sheet, please visit

Please email submissions and any enquiries you may have to

The deadline for submission of articles is Friday 12 September 2008.

Simone Hutchinson

Board Member
University of Glasgow,