Critical Conversational Limo Project

POSTED BY: Holly Crawford | Sat Feb 4th, 2006 4:34 p.m.

It is part of the ongoing research of AC:Hospitiality Suite. A monograph and DVD, as a host you will receive one, of course, is forthcoming.

AC: Hospitality Suite is an ever changing experimental space without walls.

I: CRITICAL CONVERSATIONS in a Limo -- with Refreshments

AC: Hospitality Suite will host Critical Conversations in a limo for up to 8 people. It will run between the Armory and DiVA fairs on March 11, 12, 13— Friday, Saturday and Sunday—between 2 and 8 PM. Host critics, curators and will guide conversations on the topic of Inclusive and Exclusive.

II. Outsourced Criticism: Participants will be FEDEXed catalogues on which they will submit comments.

III. CFP on art fairs to be published with these projects

Please email Holly Crawford, Director and Editor, AC
AC Institute

Hosts to date: Orlan, Raphael Cuir, Peter Frank, Jon Esser, Lillian Fellmann, Holly Crawford