RHIZOME_RAW: Calling for submissions by new-media artists in Brooklyn

POSTED BY: Todd Brooks | Mon May 16th, 2005 4:30 a.m.

Pendu Gallery would like to feature New-Media artists coming out of Brooklyn for an online event. If you have interest, please contact

Pendu Gallery is an online gallery exhibiting contemporary works by emerging and established international artists who work in a variety of media. It is the mission of Pendu Gallery to provide a professional space to promote innovative artists who are uninhibited to experiment with unique approaches to making art. Established in 1999, Pendu Gallery was originally known as the Transition Media Analekta/Gallery and has undergone many changes in its development. The Gallery is working to obtain a physical space in the future.

Pendu Gallery exhibits sound-as-art (experimental, creative, noise, sound poetry, etc.), text-as-art (hypertext, flash text, concrete, abstract, experimental poetry, etc.), and image-as-art (painting, photography, video art, installations, new media, etc.)
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