The Tribe Grows, Wanders, Moves

POSTED BY: Cinque Hicks | Sun Mar 30th, 2003 4:52 p.m.

I'd love it if you all took a moment to check this out. Thanks! -ch


What's outside your window right now?

>"In our small garden, flowers are growing, but we fear for the bombs at night."
Baghdad, Iraq

>"There are huge red produce trucks, ragged homeless people, 4 newborn puppies, and shiny new art, dim cafes, galleries, and old warehouses that hold the hopeful heart of L.A..."
Los Angeles, USA

>"An electrical storm rages over an empty rainswept street just off Darling Harbour where I'm staying for the night before bouncing home over the Tasman to Auckland. Beyond that are concentric circles and radial vectors, circles within waves, and something's coming."
Sydney, Australia


Open your curtains, throw back your blinds. Join the tribe.

The Global Nomads are getting ready for their US premiere in Austin,
Texas, USA (April 19). Log on to join the tribe and become a permanent
addition to the artwork.

"We All Are Global Nomads" is a real-world installation artwork
scheduled to appear in parks, town squares, and public spaces around the
world. By submitting your photo online and telling the world what's
outside your window, you become part of this artwork as it travels from
Texas to San Francisco to Thailand to Montreal to Santiago and beyond.

Open your window, join the tribe.


We All Are Global Nomads
The World is a Vast Desert of Cyberspace--Roam Free

A. Cinque Hicks