Money Shot

POSTED BY: Con Artist | Mon Jun 23rd, 2014 8:37 p.m.
LOCATION: Con Artist Collective Gallery

Con Artist presents “Money Shot”, a collection of work from our newest members. A money shot is the flashiest, most awe-inspiring, or most expensive scene of a film (pornographic or otherwise). First impressions are everything, so we’ve asked our new recruits to bring their biggest guns to the table and show off whatever they consider their best work at the moment, their personal money shot (pornographic or otherwise).

Each work is considered to be the most valuable, best executed, or most important piece ever created by the artist themself. It’s not only a show of great work, but also a demonstration of what each artist celebrates and values in their own oeuvre. “Money Shot” creates an opportunity to meet the newest members of the collective and see what they do best.


Con Artist Collective Gallery
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