CALL FOR WORK: Share poetic mirco-videos on Vine & Instagram

POSTED BY: Squeaky Wheel | Tue Sep 10th, 2013 2:39 p.m.
LOCATION: 100,000 Poets & Artists for Change @ Silo City

Squeaky Wheel invites you to participate in the 100,000 Poets and Artists for Change by submitting videos and photos via mobile apps Vine and Instagram using hashtag #100tpcBuffalo.

Your submissions illustrating ideas of change, transformation, peace and sustainability will be displayed in installations throughout the event at Silo City.

Show a process: Trees being planted, food being shared, the world in flux

Read a line of poetry: A source of inspiration, a perspective of the world

Send a message: Use images and text to inspire

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Follow this helpful how-to guide on making great videos with Vine and Instagram:

You can also email your submissions, by midnight on Monday, September 23, to:

Read more about the event:


100,000 Poets & Artists for Change @ Silo City
92 Childs St.
Buffalo, New York NY 14201
United States of America