Frequencies: Nathan Gwynne / Lost Soul Enterprises

POSTED BY: lostsoulenterprises | Tue Aug 27th, 2013 12:12 a.m.
LOCATION: Beverly's

Frequencies: Nathan Gwynne / Lost Soul Enterprises
21 Essex St New York, NY 10002
Sunday September 8
8pm - late

Frequencies is an evening of audio/visual collaboration between NYC-based artist Nathan Gwynne and NYC-based record label Lost Soul Enterprises.

As part of his irreverent multidisciplinary art and music practice, Gwynne has amassed a large and far-ranging video footage archive, which includes his own video works, various collaborations with other artists including Merkx & Gwynne and DROOIDS, music videos, and a variety of lo-fi digital esoterica, internet eye candy, and general weirdness. For this event, the artist has sampled from all parts of that archive and curated an evening of genre-bending cinema to be projected throughout the night.

Concurrently, Lost Soul Enterprises DJs Michael Rogers, Richard Gamble, and Jackson Lee will select from a similarly extensive collection of left-field and experimental dance music both old and new. They will mix their selections on the fly, in response to Gwynne's video montage, thereby creating a live soundtrack in real time.

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21 Essex St.
New York, New York 10002
United States of America