Pratt Free School

POSTED BY: sierrasiemer | Wed Apr 3rd, 2013 4:06 p.m.
LOCATION: Pratt Institute, Brooklyn Campus

On April 6th Pratt will be offering a day of free art and design classes open to the public and taught by recent alumni from the Masters Communication Design program. Designed as an outreach event to the community, the classes are unique and quirky, offering fresh perspectives on design that might be hard to get in a typical classroom environment.

Among the classes is a course by Christina Latina on Communication Futures

Sign up for the event is available on the free school website

Communication Futures with Christina Latina

Explore the definition of communication design as a practice in developing visual modalities and meanings of communication, and experiments with the notion of an evolving value of communication design beyond and in addition to the visual through new media.


Pratt Institute, Brooklyn Campus
200 Willoughby Avenue, Steuben Hall 4th Floor
Brooklyn, New York 11205
United States of America