Vanishing Anatomies: Alicia DeBrincat & Johnny Thornton

POSTED BY: Alicia DeBrincat | Thu Mar 28th, 2013 2:14 p.m.
LOCATION: chashama 461 Gallery

chashama 461 Gallery is pleased to present Vanishing Anatomies, a two-person show featuring the work of Alicia DeBrincat and Johnny Thornton.

People have observed that the most simultaneously personal and universal experience is inhabiting a body. Taking this theme as a departure point, artists Alicia DeBrincat and Johnny Thornton interweave highly realistic painting, gestural line drawing, and swaths of abstraction to explore
how anatomy communicates a sense of self.

Thornton juxtaposes exquisitely sensitive photo realistic self-portraiture with turbulent contour lines to communicate how chronic illness is both a
psychological and physical corrosion of self. DeBrincat’s lushly painted canvases present a rabble of physically-fragmented characters as they
negotiate boundaries with themselves and those around them.

Both artists play with denial and generosity of pictorial information, exploring how much information can be conveyed or withheld to present
a body. Together, their work navigates the psychological space that these vanishing anatomies create.
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chashama 461 Gallery
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