Uncanny Landscapes

POSTED BY: CUCR | Mon Feb 25th, 2013 12:12 p.m.
LOCATION: The Centre for Creative Collaboration

Uncanny landscapes is a week long series of events consisting of workshops, symposiums, a conference and exhibition, bringing together artists and academics whose work addresses the ambiguity between subject, object and landscape relations.

Contributors include: Steve Pile (Open), Sophie Hoyle (Goldsmiths) Rachel Sarah Jones (Goldsmiths), Jane Rendell (Bartlett, UCL), Sarah Sparkes (GHost), Niklas Fanelsa (Tokyo), Tim Cresswell (RHUL), David Kendall (Goldsmiths), James Thurgill (RHUL), Tim Edensor (MMU), Lisa Tilda (Ohio), Rupert Griffiths (RHUL), Aileen Harvey (Routledge), Douglas Spencer (AA), Ben Murphy (UEL), Peter Dickens (Brighton), Carol Mancke (Kingston), Mariela Cvetic (Belgrade), Elizabeth Straughan (Glasgow).

For more information including timetable, abstracts and venue information, please visit the Uncanny Landscapes website at

Uncanny Landscapes is organised by James Thurgill (RHUL) and Rupert Griffiths (RHUL) and is supported by Landscape Surgery (RHUL ) and the Centre for Creative Collaboration.


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