>get >put – an exhibition of downloaders and uploaders

POSTED BY: Kelani Nichole | Mon Oct 22nd, 2012 9:36 a.m.
LOCATION: little berlin

giselle zatonyl | travess smalley | a bill miller | alexandra gorczynski derek frech | benjamin farahmand

Uploading and downloading are ubiquitous behaviors in our day-to-day, and so the virtual invades the real, data sets mesh, personalities blur, and aesthetics run rampant. With a book from The Institute of Social Hypocrisy as provocateur, six artists put “The Sound of Downloading Makes me want to Upload” into form. The work takes shape as digital compositions anchored in spatiotemporal objects, developed through IRL + online practice for this exhibition.

Digital catalog, online programming and downloadables available throughout the month of November, Curated by Kelani Nichole

November 2 - 30, 2012

little berlin gallery
Philadelphia, PA
2430 Coral Street, 19125

Opening Reception
First Friday, November 2nd – 6PM to midnight

Performance @9PM | gridworks6000 by a bill miller

grdwrks6000 is a live audio/video performance piece developed by a. bill miller. The video incorporates a realtime video feed from a camera pointed at the projection field. This input is processed through a feedback loop and as ASCII art. In performance, the artist controls audio samples that coincide with changes in the visual characteristics.

As the piece is performed, elements of improvisation and interactivity are introduced to the unique and transitory elements into the mix between analog presentation of digital environments. The work has been performed in a range of live venues in Chicago, St. Paul, and Milwaukee. It was presented with an interactive component during BYOB Philly at the Little Berlin Gallery.

______there was nothing left___________
______it was/is the beginning/ending____
______there was something there_______
______just beyond perception__________
______it was something/nothing________
______there was a grid_______________
______it was/is nothing left____________
______an unresolved image____________
______it was a phosphene_____________
______there was/is no grid____________

////// Downloadables + programming will be available throughout the month of November to accompany the exhibition /////// ///////


little berlin
2430 Coral Street
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19125
United States of America