"Psychedelic Pie" and "The Last Collaboration"

POSTED BY: Edward Picot | Mon Jan 30th, 2012 4:02 p.m.


"Psychedelic Pie" is a psychedelic video with a psychedelic sound-track, created from materials found on the Web. You can see the video on YouTube at, or on my site at Attributions: backward guitar and psychedelic viola by Robinhood76; psychedelic percussion by Satoration; sitar by Kaiho - all from Morning traffic timelapse by MegaTokkie, YouTube. Blackrock Sunrise (community video); London Underground (community video); and Haleakala Sunset by Mike McCabe -

Also new: my review of "The Last Collaboration" by Martha Deed and Millie Niss. The review can be seen on the Furtherfield site at, and the book itself can be seen at Millie Niss was a writer and new media artist who died in November 2010. Martha Deed is a poet and psychologist, also Millie's mother and long-time collaborator. "The Last Collaboration" is about Millie's last days in hospital. It's acutely insightful, and it's also a significant work of art.